Omega is a fully web-based platform for pipeline integrity management. It can be used from PCs or any mobile device.

Information Management and Analysis

Queries, graphs, downloads, web maps, updating and editing information..

Task Management

Analysis and georeferenced visualization of information.

Control Panels

Key performance indicators (KPI)

Risk Analysis

Identification of risks, causes and mitigation measures

External Corrosion

Monitoring of maintenance and identification of critical areas and causes.

Internal Corrosion

Monitoring of maintenance and identification of critical areas and causes.


  • Integrates and centralizes integrity data
  • Facilitates the identification of hazards and threats
  • Facilitates the monitoring of critical parameters through KPI panels
  • Collaborates with compliance of regulations
  • Reduces time for data analysis and decision making
  • Allows the efficiency evaluation of mitigation & monitoring activities
  • Allows planning and tracing integrity management activieties
  • Integrates and connects with other applications

Risk Analysis

  • Risk analysis and evolution
  • Identification of riskier segments
  • Identification of causes
  • Selection of mitigation and maintenance measures
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    Internal Corrosion Control

  • Fluid corrosivity monitoring. Identification of critical agents and abnormal behaviors
  • Corrosion rate monitoring
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of mitigation plans
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    External Corrosion Control

  • Soil Corrosivity Monitoring
  • CP system performance
  • Monitoring of facility maintenance
  • Identification of critical corrosion zones
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    Information Management and Analysis

  • Integrated database
  • Data analysis
  • Bulk upload tools
  • Interactive graphics tools
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    On-line maps

  • Displaying data and filters on maps
  • Data integration on diffent leyers
  • Visualization of risk levels by color
  • Can be integrated with GIS
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    Task management

  • Creation, monitoring and progress of tasks
  • Planning Compliance Control Panel
  • Task management by category
  • Can be integrated with SAP