Software for your business

Solutions to your problems

Neotica develops software solutions tailored to each client. The products are based on the latest available technologies:

  • Visualization tools with interactive graphics.
  • Calculation tools.
  • Analysis and decision-making tools, with custom KPIs.
  • Task management and planning monitoring tools.
  • Geographic Information System. (GIS)

Our development process

Neotica follows the SDLC (System Development Life Cycle) process that consists in the following phases:

Requirement Analysis

In this first stage, the necessary information is collected to start the design process.

As a result of this stage, we get a detailed document with all the systems requirements and functionality validated by the client

desarrollo software requisitos

Design and Development

On this phase the system design is prepared, based on the requirements specification.

The system design helps to specify hardware and define overall software architecture.

Once the design plan is ready, software development begins.

software design

Integration and Testing

We validated that the software complies with what was detailed in the requirements specification.

All types of tests are carried out to validate the correct operation. (Integration test, Acceptance test, etc.)

sofware testing

Implementation and Support

The software is deployed on a staging server so that the customer can test it.

By validating that the software meets expectations, it is deployed in the production environment.

Once the client begins to use the system, any improvement or correction will be made following the agreed support.

software deployment